FintipOffers Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is FinTipOffers ?

Ans: FinTipOffers or Finger Tip Offers is an offer alerting Technology, that will help you to find the latest Shop offers , Job Offers,Other Offers, news, Emergency Alerts etc in your Home Town ,District , State , Country. Watch the video below on how it works.

2.Is FinTipOffers is Free? . What is the normal ad image size?

Ans: FinTiOffers is completely free for customers/end users. The Customer can download the App free of cost from the Download section of this site or from the Google PlayStore.
Normal ad image resolution that can be posted in FinTipOffers website is 300 X 300 Pixels or higher . The size of the image should not exceed 2 MB.

3. I am a Business/Shop Owner. How can I Post my Offer?.

Ans: You need to Register with Our Site first before you post the Offer. Registration is Free. Go to the Registration/login Link or click on the Mobile app Login Button. Click on the New Registration Button. You will presented with a Registration Form, Fill the Details and click Register. A Confirmation E Mail with a link will be send to your Registered E Mail Account or Phone with detailed instructions. Click on the confirmation link. You will be directed to the Offer Posting Page with registration confirmation message. You will be initially given some free credits to post the offers. Later you can purchase more credits (at a very affordable rate compared to news paper advertisements) from your control panel or directly contacting us in our Office and Paying the amount directly to our Bank account.  You can login again using the login e mail and password supplied at the time of registration. 

4. What is a Credit ?.

Ans: Credit is a term used to define the number of offers a shop owner can post. For example if a Shop owner has 10 credits left, then he can Post 10 Offer advertisements in FinTipOffers .

5. How much one credit cost for Shop/Business Owner?.

Ans: As an introductory offer you can post unlimited offers free of cost till July 30 2017. After the introductory period , we will charge you an amount affordable for even a small business. Amount will be announced later after taking feedback from customer.

6. How can I get the Offer Alerts only from my town?.

Ans:Open FinTipOffers Mobile App , Go to FinTipOffer=> Settings Menu and Select your District and Town and if needed select the category too. You will get alerts only form your selected town and category. Selecting Town and Category from Settings Screen is Optional. If you you didn"t select the town and category , you will receive offer alerts from your Selected District. At least you should select your district to get the Offer Alerts.

7. What type of Internet connectivity I needed to get Offer Alerts in my Mobile Phone?.

Ans: Ideally 3G and Above . But it will also work with 2G/ Slow internet connections.

8. Can I change the locations to to get alters form another town?.

Ans: Yes, you can change the locations from Mobile App FinTipOffers Settings Menu to get offer alerts form another Town.

9. I am person who is running a home based business or service and I dont have a registrered business name. can I post my offers in FinTipOffers?

Ans: Yes of course , make sure that you have entered a business name (Eg: House Name | Location) that is not in conflict with the business names in your local town and should not violate our terms
of use

10. In case of any problems or concerns how can I contact you?

Ans: You can directly contact us form the link  Or write to us directly to

10. Can GOVT Organization Publish their Messages through FinTipOffers Platform?

Ans: Yes GOVT Organizations can Broadcast their Public messages , Town wise , district Wide , State Wise.  Please Contact Us so that we can enable Broadcast message in Your control Panel.